Working in the digital arena for 20+ years.

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Technical Expertise

Few companies can rival our technical expertise because it has been amassed over a far longer period than most.

Our staff knowledge in the field of digital technology dates back to the early 1980's when the home computing market took hold in the UK and they were involved in video games programming. Our technical skills cover IT systems in major businesses and our web skills trace back to the mid-1990's and the rise of the internet in the UK.

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Business Knowledge

Our team have worked in a variety of sectors but their business knowledge and acumen has been put to the test in hundreds.

In their former careers, our combined team can draw on positions in IT, advertising, marketing, branding, sales, property, accounting, purchasing, the motor trade, retail, luxury goods, manufacturing, the newspaper industry, insurance, mining, training, software development, graphic design and more.

Newcastle Based With Clients Nationwide

Our offices are within sight of the world-famous Angel of the North. We provide SEO services UK wide, as well as local SEO in Newcastle upon Tyne. 

We’ve been providing web and SEO services since 2006 although our experience in the sector goes back to 1996 and the explosion of the internet.

Equity Digital
Equity Digital
Equity Digital
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how can we help you grow?

We help businesses grow in a variety of ways, all of which can be tailored to meet your needs.  From SEO services to website training, E-commerce strategy to social media, we offer solutions for all businesses.

Communication & Customer Service


We pride ourselves on maintaining levels of communication that our clients tell us are refreshingly new to them.

We won’t complicate technical aspects of projects or try to bore you to death with them unless you want to hear about them (when we’ll gladly talk for hours if you really want to know!).

Professional and friendly communication is often taken for granted, but how often do you actually receive it in today’s world?  You are guaranteed it when dealing with us.  We will not let you down.

Availability is often key on projects and we make ourselves as available as is reasonably possible.  You’ll always have a Directors mobile number for any of our e-commerce or SEO related services.  You’ll be able to email us at most times of day and receive a swift response.  

Customer Service

We believe in the highest levels of customer service.  In fact, we think you should expect them as standard in business.  We make our clients feel special for a simple reason – they are.

Exceeding your expectations is something we’ll always try to do.  We want you to be delighted with our work and giving you the best customer service possible is core to our values.

The expression “a breath of fresh air” is one we’ve heard more than once from our clients.  If something can be done to make our work on your project even more successful, we’ll do it.  If you need us to make a tweak to a website at 4.59pm on a Friday night, so that you can see the result before you leave for the weekend, we’ll do out utmost to make you smile.

Business is all about people and service.  We don’t take it lightly.

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