SEO is the lifeblood of any E-commerce website. It drives traffic and sales.

We ensure you receive the best SEO service possible.

Good SEO pays for itself. It is the single most important investment you can make in your website

E-commerce SEO can create a thriving online business or take an existing online business to the sales figures you’ve always wanted.

Unfortunately, it is also overlooked by far too businesses as they underestimate the complexity of SEO today and believe they can manage it themselves or put it in the hands of companies that don’t have the expertise and systems to deliver the results their client merits. 

From the outset, we work with you to understand your aims

Good quality SEO requires a full understanding of your aims, business, products, customers and competitors.  That’s why we put in a huge amount of effort from the moment you appoint us to increase your e-commerce visitors, sales and conversions by using our SEO services.  If you’ve used an SEO company in the past, you’ll immediately notice the difference in our approach, attention to detail and communication standards.

Increasing Visibility & Conversions

Delivering more than visitors, they're the right type of visitors

Increasing traffic to a website is the first thing that crosses most clients minds.  However, there’s a lot more to e-commerce SEO than just bringing you visitors.

We ensure they’re coming to you because they’re searching for the products or services you sell.  Anything less than that and you’ve been caught in the numbers game when even a million visitors won’t bring you any revenue.  You’re far better off with 10 visitors that want what you sell than 1,000 that don’t.

Our SEO service understands your audience and what they’re looking for.  We know this because of the amount of data and information we gather and provide you with before we begin making changes.  There’ll always be certain searches that you know you want to capture from Google or other search engines, but part of our success comes from showing you where you can obtain the right kind of visitor from being up-to-date on what they’re searching for and how their browsing habits may be changing over time.

Increasing visitor conversion to customers

If you’re getting visibility with your target audience, you stand a far higher chance of them converting to customers.  If only it guaranteed them becoming customers though.

Once you’ve got them, we help you increase your chance of converting them.  We watch how visitors flow through your website, the way they interact with it in general and specific parts of it.  We spot similarities in their behaviour that are holding your conversions back, as well as those that are aiding it.

If there are trapdoors in your site, through which you’re losing customers, we’ll bring them to your attention.  We’ll advise how you might change them or, depending on the type of SEO service you’ve engaged us for, we’ll make the change for you once you’ve approved it.

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Continuous Product Level SEO

Optimising your products in depth

Many e-commerce site owners think that their products are well optimised.  Yet, there can be subtle, almost invisible to the untrained eye, variances between a product that will rarely get visibility and one that dominates rankings. 

We optimise every single product, category and other product-related element of our client e-commerce websites.  We advise on how they’re being viewed by search engines and how you might be able to improve them with changes outside the scope of the SEO but that could be down to your own choice of words in descriptions, titles or other areas such as page elements you’ve never even given a second thought to.

That can be an incredibly time-intensive process and it doesn’t happen just once.

Evolving SEO of your products to account for search trends

Search trends change, as do the potential visitors to your e-commerce site, and that’s why our SEO service ensures your product optimisation evolves.  

We monitor for the smallest of variations in how search terms vary, where traction begins to slip from your products and where it places you at risk.  We also address opportunities when we identify them, keeping you up-to-date with the potential you could capitalise on.

We’ll let you know if your product or service imagery is losing you ground, or, where a particular product is enjoying success we let you know why (far beyond the usual factors you might associate with sales success).  

Landing and Information Pages

We take the strain out of keeping on top of landing visitors

The value of landing pages is understood by experienced e-commerce site owners, but seldom fully appreciated by those without them.  There are still huge landing page opportunities waiting for most companies that have valued e-commerce from the early years.

We point out the openings, advise on the way to use landing pages to their optimum and we’ll even create them for you on some of our SEO plans.  If we notice even the slightest of weaknesses, we’ll strengthen your site and landing pages are often a high-value way of achieving the biggest of gains from the smallest of additions.

Information can be your most valuable tool

Outside of product pages and your homepage, we’re often surprised at how little value many companies put in other information pages on e-commerce sites.

From your About Us pages to Policies, non-product pages can give you leverage with search engines that other pages cannot.  Giving information to visitors that isn’t product related can fall by the wayside as companies rush to get their products online and forget the complete visitor journey is one that can begin with finding out who you are.

Integrity and a compelling case to purchase from you is an increasingly important part of any visitors time on your site.  Producing the case also presents you with ample opportunities to exploit the content search engines want to see.   We’re there to help you build presence in every possible way.

Professional SEO service
Professional SEO service

Building authority

Strategic and tactical website authority building

Over time, your website builds “authority”, an important factor in how search engines such as Google gauge the integrity, trust and, yes, authority of your website.

This happens on a number of levels, including every page on your site and the domain name overall.  Increasing this authority is important.  Common tactics to do so include link building – increasing the number of websites that link to yours and in a very specific way.

However, companies that claim to offer a link building service often forget, conveniently, to tell you that amassing thousands of links won’t always lead to a high authority for your website or pages.  It is a much more complex process.  

We believe that good content generates links.  If a visitor finds something on your site that is of interest to them, they may well link to it from social media, blogs, forums or other online means.  That doesn’t mean that link building isn’t a valuable tactic, it is, but it needs to be approached with real strategic direction.  We build authority for your site in a way that prevents it being associated with ‘spam’ links that can actually damage it.

Blogs and social media

We’ve advised some of the biggest brands in the world on the use of social media.  We’ve also trained in central government and as far away as the Middle East.  We bring that knowledge and value to your e-commerce operations.

Whether it be recommendations for your blog content, news, social media activity and channel choice, video use, we’re there to advise and action items for you depending on the SEO services you commission us to deploy.

The critical aspect of this is we bring all channels and resources together in such a way that we maximise the impact of every possible avenue into your website.  We leave no stone unturned and we are always on the edge of new developments.  If there is a new medium waiting to explode, we’ll know about it and be preparing you for it if we think the use of it will be to your advantage.

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