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We deliver visibility and visitors through technical excellence and business acumen

Let us show you what marks us out from the rest.

We don’t take shortcuts.  We offer an SEO service that is as thorough, detailed and up-to-date as it is possible to be, making it an essential growth tool for your online presence.

It represents an investment that is the most important you can make if you’re serious about your website becoming a marketing platform that delivers you new customers and increased revenue.

From the foundations to the fine details

Even if we’ve not designed and produced your website for you, we can help you.  We can give you an initial assessment of your website in respect of how to improve it’s online visibility, from the core foundations of how it has been written to the details that we analyse and make recommendations or rectify for you.

Structural analysis & SEO Fixes

If the foundations are poor, we can rebuild them

You’d be surprised how many websites, regardless of how fabulous they might look, have been designed with little or no consideration for how they’ll perform in search engine results pages (SERPS).

The complexity of obtaining good visibility in search engines has increased so much that many web design companies will simply produce a website that satisfies your visual objectives and displays the information you want people to read.  The issues arise when you suddenly realise that nobody, or few people, are actually finding your website.

Many of these issues come from the structure of your site not being considered from an SEO perspective during the design stages.  Some of the most fundamental elements that search engines look for are often missing or poorly presented.  These technical flaws can seriously impact your chances of being found online.

The good news is that we can analyse your website, provide a full report on the issues we discover (if any) in the structure of it, and then give our recommendations for fixing them.

The impact of analysis and fixes can be significant.  It can transform the presence of your website and give you a firm footing for growing your business through continued SEO.

Priced on the number of fixes and time required

Our structural website analysis and fix service is priced dependent on the number of fixes your site requires and how long it’ll take us to complete them.  

Prices will typically start at £500 + VAT for small to medium sized non e-commerce websites but can be much higher if your site has a high number of pages.

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Sector analysis, trends and knowing your targets

We perform full sector analysis, looking at the market you’re operating in and the competition you face.  We look at the search trends of your target audience so we can accurately judge what they’re searching for and what we need to do to capture their visits.

Accurate visitor targeting

Key to our success is delivering the visitors you want.  Volume of traffic to your website isn’t the priority – the volume of correct type of visitors is.  

We focus on bringing the visitors that will make enquiries, have a high likelihood of becoming a customer and won’t waste your time.  If you’re on an SEO plan with us, this is a continual process.  We fine-tune your site to take account of changes in searches.

Content optimisation

We optimise all content and proactively advise you

All your website content is optimised under our plans.  There are different levels of optimisation, depending on the plan you choose, but we also provide a service that has a huge impact on the future visibility of your website – content recommendations.

Google, and other search engines, value the addition of new content.  Your website needs to add content and do so frequently.  Far too many businesses publish a website and leave it in the hope it’ll bring customers and enquiries – they seldom do.

We advise you on the content you need to be publishing.  We work with you to curate that content and, on some plans, we’ll publish it for you.

Tracking and monitoring your content

Publishing content is one thing, tracking and monitoring the success of it to take business critical decisions from is another.  We can do both.  We watch for content that is particularly successful and our approach evolves in any way it needs to in order to retain top ranking positions for your business.


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SEO Opportunities & Issues

If there's an opportunity for visibility, we'll know about it

Our systems track your site and any activity online in relation to the target keywords and phrases that you are trying to rank for.  They’ll alert us if there are opportunities you could exploit to improve your visibility.

We manually assess these opportunities and, if we think any of them are worth investing time in, we’ll make use of them by changing content or contacting you with recommendations.

Issues can cripple a website, but not on our SEO plans

If your website generates a problem, such as a Page Not Found error, or you amend something that doesn’t follow the best practice guidelines we adhere to, our systems will tell us and we can take action to resolve the issue.

Even if you’ve added a new page to your website without telling us, and the title, description, headers or other elements aren’t making the most of SEO opportunities that exist, our systems tell us every single week.  

We’ve invested in tools and systems that mean we can offer you the highest possible monitoring and proactive service to prevent damage to your website rankings.

Want to read more about how thorough our service is?


Read about 12 specific points we cover as part of our SEO plans.  They’re an insight into how complete our service is and why it’s the best investment for your online presence.

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