UX/UI Design for E‑Commerce

Equity create online user experience solutions that aid sales growth and business success.

Good customer experience is the foundation of a successful online store. We design and deliver a first-class user experience that increases your store conversion rate.
If you’re looking to improve your E‑Commerce store, increase visitor retention and conversion rates, Equity can help you with our UX/UI design services.

Your visitor experience directly impacts your store performance. Figures show that 70% of shoppers online will abandon their cart because of poor UX design.

An alarming 90% of customers won’t return to online stores that have provided a bad user experience.

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Benefits of Improving User Experience

Benefits of improving User Experience Providing a better user experience for customers brings a plethora of benefits. First and foremost, increased conversion rates from fewer abandoned carts due to frustration and a seamless and smooth transition from finding a product to checking out.

Customer retention rates improve because you’ve provided your visitors with an easy, swift, and trouble-free experience.

What does our UX/UI design service offer?

We offer a range of UX/UI design services to help you improve your store. Whether you have an existing site that you want to enhance or a completely new site build, we can help you to improve your customer retention and conversion rate.

When it comes to websites, your pages should load as fast as possible. Pages that see a 2 second delay in load times will typically see abandoned rates of up to 87%. Optimising server performance and page content is essential. Slow load times also impacts your site visibility, lowering Google SERPS rankings and organic traffic volume.

Equity technical elements of our UX/UI service will ensure the following aspects are optimised:

  • All page load times including media optimisation, server-sided tuning and script optimisation.
  • Responsiveness / mobile optimisation
  • Wireframes of your customer journey
  • Hot-spotting of the entire visitor experience
  • Layout and Navigation recommendations, design and implementation
  • CTA (Calls To Action) analysis
  • Aesthetic appeal, palette and full colour analysis with recommendations

The full extent of our UX/UI services can be discussed with an arranged video call at a time convenient to you.

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