Benefits of UX Design

UX Design stands for ‘User Experience’ and is responsible for ensuring all aspects of a digital product are optimised to provide the best possible interaction for users. This includes considering all aspects of branding, functionality, and usability.

Why is User experience important?

User experience is important because ultimately your goal is to provide a positive experience for your customers. This enables you to build a positive relationship and gain loyalty towards your product or brand, meaning customers will return again and again because they’re happy with the service you’ve provided.

Designer Creating UX Design

What Is A Great User Experience?

To provide a great service, you first need to understand your customers, speak to them and learn about the experiences they’ve had. This will help you to better understand your product, what works and more importantly, what doesn’t. This gives you an advantage when it comes to creating wireframes and prototype as you have a better understanding of how to meet your customers needs.

Good UX design should be easy to navigate so customers can easily find what they need. The number of steps to get there should be minimal, so be conscious of how many clicks it takes and avoid excessive scrolling. Seek out and remove any barriers that customers may face, you want to avoid frustration whilst make it as easy as possible for them to convert.

Information should be clear and to the point, avoid text heavy content as it isn’t appealing. A better approach is to provide bite sized chunks for customers as its easier to digest or scan over.

Benefits of Good UX Design

Providing a good experience is great for building up loyalty and generating additional sales through attracting and retaining customers. Progress can be seen with simple steps like improving the navigation, removing barriers, reducing clicks and avoiding excessive scrolling.

This helps to minimise clutter which allows you to focus more on the core content and call to actions. The additional space will make your store look more appealing and help boost your SEO with improved readability, additional links, key words and faster load times. Overall, this can lead to more customers visiting your store, increased brand credibility and most importantly higher conversion rates.

Designer Working on User Experience

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