Google has revealed the top searches for the past year, both globally and by country, and they aren’y what you would expect. Paying attention to the biggest search terms means you can keep track of consumer’s interests and queries, helping to better guide your business to the customer’s needs.

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While 2020’s year in search was dominated by Coronavirus, in a year so unpredictable as 2021 we as a nation have turned to entertainment via tv, sports and films. After a turbulent year gone it seems Britons are wanting to learn and discover more light-hearted topics.


With football dominating the Summer of 2021, it is no surprise that the number one searched term of the year is ‘Euros’ – closely followed by ‘Premier League’.


With a year so peppered with compelling headlines, it is no surprise that the majority of Google searches were related to the names at the centre of the biggest news stories. Prince Phillip, Matt Hancock, Emma Raducanu and Sarah Everard may only be connected by the fact they topped the list of 2021 searches.


Other trends in search varied from holidays, staycations and traffic light border queries; to vaccinations and finally sustainability surrounding COP26.


Google’s Year in Search 2021 UK

All terms

1.     Euros

2.     Premier League

3.     Christian Eriksen

4.     Covid vaccine

5.     Prince Philip

6.     Matt Hancock

7.     Emma Raducanu

8.     Sarah Everard

9.     England vs Denmark

10.  Sean Lock


1.     Covid vaccine

2.     Matt Hancock

3.     Sarah Everard

4.     Afghanistan

5.     GME

6.     Kyle Rittenhouse

7.     Gabby Petito

8.     Green list countries

9.     Lockdown

10.  Palestine


1.     Euros

2.     Premier League

3.     England vs Denmark

4.     Champions League

5.     England vs Italy

6.     Wimbledon

7.     Olympic medal table

8.     England vs Germany

9.     England vs Scotland

10.  NBA


1.     Christian Eriksen

2.     Matt Hancock

3.     Emma Raducanu

4.     Piers Morgan

5.     Alec Baldwin

6.     Travis Scott

7.     Ronaldo

8.     Jack Grealish

9.     Tyson Fury

10.  Ashley Cain


1.     Squid Game

2.     Bridgerton

3.     The Serpent

4.     Line Of Duty

5.     Love Island

6.     Behind Her Eyes

7.     Its A Sin

8.     Pembrokeshire Murders

9.     Vigil

10.  Friends Reunion


1.     Dune

2.     Black Widow

3.     Eternals

4.     No Time To Die

5.     Red Notice

6.     Army Of The Dead

7.     Shang Chi

8.     Halloween Kills

9.     Suicide Squad

10.  Jungle Cruise

All questions

1.     Is Facebook down?

2.     Is WhatsApp down?

3.     When will lockdown end?

4.     What does COP26 stand for?

5.     When will I get the vaccine?

6.     Where does vanilla flavoring come from?

7.     How many times has Italy won the euros?

8.     How many cases in my area?

9.     What does impeachment mean?

10.  When does Love Island finish?


1.     Travel update UK

2.     PCR test for travel

3.     Caravan holidays

4.     Portugal holidays

5.     Travel green list

6.     International travel

7.     Travel corridors

8.     Greece travel restrictions

9.     Travel to France from UK

10.  Malta holidays

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