What is the world searching for?


Because it isn't always what you think. We show you the opportunities.

Most businesses think they know what their target audience is searching for online. 

The reality can often be very different.  We have invested in some of the best systems available, combined with expert understanding and interpretation of data, to put us in a position to be able to tell you what is really being typed in Google and other search engines.

We can open doors you didn’t even know existed.  We can fill gaps that are leaking time and money because you’re wasting it on searches that aren’t going to maximise your sales potential.  

All of the above aids us to grow your business and avoid problems that often creep up over time as trends change and you’re completely unaware of how your customer base is using search.

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Search trends and shielding you

Our ability to shield you from a gradually declining visitor base comes from a constant thirst for data and our skills in turning that into critical business information.

We see the change coming.  The data we act on includes elements that most SEO companies won’t even consider, such as the rapid rise of Voice Search on devices such as Amazon’s popular Echo smart speakers (Alexa powered searches).

We let you know how the consumer market is reacting to new technology and we give recommendations for adapting to it or, if you chose it as an SEO plan option, we’ll act on it immediately for you.  If we identify a trend today, we can have you site prepared for it tomorrow.

At a time when the world is changing faster then ever, we don’t stand still.  We take you with us through a continual process of investment in the very best systems, being experts at understanding trends and transforming it into swift online action.

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Continuous Monitoring

Systems monitor your website and how search engines see it - continuously.

Rank Tracking

We constantly track your target phrases for their ranking in major search engines.

Competitor Analysis

We can tell you of changes in your competitors rankings, visibility and more.

Link Tracing

Where is your site being linked to from, with what words and what is the impact?

Mobile Visibility

How does your visibility on mobiles compare to desktop searches?

Landing Analytics

How do visitors land on your website, is it changing and why?

Keyword Data

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Monitoring of online visibility opportunities that you could exploit.

Visitor Analytics

Where are they coming from, what are they doing, for how long and much more.

Executive Reporting

Reporting of SEO activity, changes, rankings and recommendations.

Critical Issue Flagging

If your pages develop a critical issue, we'll know about it quickly.

Algorithm Changes

When search engines change their algorithms, we prepare and react.

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