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Continuous Website Monitoring

If something happens, we'll know.

When you’re an SEO client of ours, we make it our mission to do everything humanly and technical possible to ensure you get the very best SEO service available.

Your website benefits from our investment in systems that continuously track your site, depending on the package/tailored plan you’ve chosen with us, and give us access to data every single day.  

Most SEO agencies will look at your website on a periodical basis, perform a few tasks and that’s where it ends.  With our services, we look at vital data about your site every single day.  If something happens, we’ll know about it and we’ll act on it, either by contacting you or taking immediate and direct action.

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What types of things do we monitor?

This depends on the plan you’ve chosen but there are some elements that all our clients have peace of mind on, in the knowledge we monitor them under every single plan.

If there has been a change in your domain rank, we’ll know on the day it happens.  If there has been a ranking change for a key word or phrase, we’ll know about that too.  

We’ll also know if your website status has changed in respect of any critical errors, content that doesn’t adhere to best practices, meta titles and descriptions that may require attention, headers on pages and much more.

If your website visibility has changed in other respects, such as how it compares on desktops versus mobiles (and independently of each other), our systems will inform us. 

If you’ve told us to keep an eye on your competitors, we can identify improvements in their websites overall as well as how they’re ranking for key words and phrases you’re in direct competition with them for.

Ultimately, this is a service that provides an outstanding level of attention of detail and ensures your site is always in the best position to sell, leaving you to attend to your orders, customers and products or service development.

How do we handle issues?

If we spot something that needs attention, we’ll do one of two things.

Most of the time, we’ll deal with it there and then.  We won’t bother you if we don’t feel we need to.  It’ll be addressed in a way that either removes the issue instantly or, where appropriate, we’ll put it on a schedule of things to be addressed within a week because we know it is best to handle it in tandem with other planned tasks.

On occasion, we’ll email or telephone you and give you a full explanation of the problem, what we think has caused it and our recommendations for resolving it.  If it is an issue that your plan covers resolution for, we’ll just get on with it once you’ve approved it.  If your plan excludes resolution, we’ll give you a one-off price for it.

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Continuous Monitoring

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Rank Tracking

We constantly track your target phrases for their ranking in major search engines.

Competitor Analysis

We can tell you of changes in your competitors rankings, visibility and more.

Link Tracing

Where is your site being linked to from, with what words and what is the impact?

Mobile Visibility

How does your visibility on mobiles compare to desktop searches?

Landing Analytics

How do visitors land on your website, is it changing and why?

Keyword Data

We can provide you with new keyword data and search volumes - instantly.


Monitoring of online visibility opportunities that you could exploit.

Visitor Analytics

Where are they coming from, what are they doing, for how long and much more.

Executive Reporting

Reporting of SEO activity, changes, rankings and recommendations.

Critical Issue Flagging

If your pages develop a critical issue, we'll know about it quickly.

Algorithm Changes

When search engines change their algorithms, we prepare and react.

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