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90,000 stores

Hugely scalable with large number of standard features

BigCommerce is in direct competition with Shopify, whether they’d say it or not, and is making rapid ground.  It provides a larger range of standard features than Shopify (though not in all areas) and promotes itself on the basis of being incredibly scalable.  A business of even the largest of sizes could power an E-commerce solution on BigCommerce yet still be able to integrate their online operations with other internal systems.

Chosen by some of the world's leading brands

With clients that include Ben & Jerry’s, Toyota and Kodak, the large scale capabilities of the BigCommerce platform can’t be questioned.  The suite of tools it provides is impressive and it’ll integrate with 38 different payment providers.  If you’re a major brand with an existing E-commerce site that you want to take to another level, BigCommerce is an excellent choice.

Fantastic sales capability

Some of the best marketing tools of any platform

Equipped with a powerful range of standard marketing tools, BigCommerce could help the growth of any organisation.  It supports 70 different types of product discounting features compared (far more than Shopify although you can extend this very easily with an “App”).  Whilst not as easy to use as Shopify and with a more complex user interface, BigCommerce also gives you a superb reporting and analytics interface to track the effectiveness of your site.  

Physical products, digital products or services

If you wanted to sell digital products on another platform, you’re likely to need an “App” that bolts-on to the main E-commerce system – not with BigCommerce.  It allows you to sell physical, digital products or services with no additional tools required.

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Over 600 "Apps" to choose from

A growing range of features to bolster your site

Whilst unable to compete with the 4,500 “Apps” available on Shopify, BigCommerce has made real efforts to build it’s collection of bolt-ons and now claims to have approximately 600 that add features to your website.  These range from the classic marketing additions to ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning), CRM (Customer Relationship Management), reporting tools and utilities that aid accounting and tax elements.

Security at the core with speed and peace of mind

BigCommerce matches the Level PCI DSS compliance given by Shopify and your site is hosted by them with full back-up and restoration capabilities and a reported 99.99% uptime.

Super-fast website delivery to the visitor is guaranteed and you’ll have no concerns about how your site performs.  

Integrating company systems

BigCommerce Connectors & Integrators

There are over 40 “Apps” that allow you to connect your E-commerce website to external and internal systems as well as other marketplaces and selling channels.

They include connectors to push your products to Amazon and eBay, removing any double-entry of products, a NetSuite integration tool that automates orders, fulfilment and inventory, “bridges” to connect to your finance and ERP systems, a connector for the LightSpeed POS system and the ability to synchronise products, customers and orders with the Salesforce Marketing Cloud.

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