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Magento has built a reputation for being one of the best E-commerce platforms available with many calling it the No.1 solution for those businesses that need the ultimate in flexibility, power, integration and the ability to chose to self-manage hosting and all aspects of their online operations.

Advantages of Adobe ownership

Once owned by eBay, Magento is now an Adobe product.  It benefits from the huge technological power of Adobe and has become the choice of business giants such as Hewlett-Packard, fashion and cosmetics leaders Christian Louboutin, the world-famous sporting brand Nike and, in the automotive sector, the Jaguar Land-Rover Group.

Complete flexibility and choice

Self-hosted or managed hosting

Magento Open Source is a version of the software that can be downloaded free of charge and installed on any suitable web-hosting server, or you can choose to have it hosted on a Magento provided service in the form of Magento Commerce or Commerce Cloud to avoid the security overhead that comes with self-hosted solutions.   The range of features offered by the Open Source software is very different to those provided by the Enterprise level Commerce and Commerce Cloud solutions.

Licensing Magento

Magento Commerce 2 (the latest) and Commerce Cloud 2 are priced on licensing schemes that vary depending on your E-commerce store revenue.  This license is required in addition to web development costs and will range from approximately £16,500 p.a. to £100,000 p.a. (depending on your store revenues).  

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Magento Commerce Power

The most feature-rich E-commerce solution available

The licensing of Magento Commerce (and Commerce Cloud) provides an online retailer with the power of a substantial list of standard features.  Apart from the expected Page Builder features, you’ll benefit from a set of the most intelligent tools currently available.  The Product Recommendations function is an excellent example.  Whilst other platforms offer similar features that try to make appropriate recommendations to visitors, Magento’s system uses the power of Adobe Sensei to make recommendations in addition to the ability for you to configure your own settings.  

Customer segmentation and personalisation

Yet again, whilst features exist of other platforms that are similar to the Magento customer segmentation and personalisation function, you’ll find they are “Apps” requiring additional fees and rarely (though not always) as powerful.  Customer location, order history, gender and other factors can be used to personalise offers shown to them.  

Assets, Merchandising & More

You'd expect Adobe to perfect this and they have

If you’re an E-commerce solution owned by Adobe, you’re going to have a powerful media asset library – and Magento has.  Apart from having the ability to browse Adobe stock photography (and pay for and license it) from within Magento, you can grant access to partners such as an external creative agency, controlling what they’re able to do.  From a media workflow perspective, Magento has class-leading functionality like no other system.

When it comes to visual merchandising tools, Magento product category pages can make intelligent decisions to show the best selling products nearer the top, display higher profit margin items in more prominent places or automatically show the latest products first. 

These are the types of features that blue-chip brands or organisations where E-commerce is a key driver of major revenues demand.  They’re provided through one of the most extensive Administration screens you’re ever likely to see, putting you in control of everything where you need it and offering full user access control (albeit with greater power comes increased complexity and Magento is not for the faint-hearted where ease of use is concerned).  



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