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Shopify is one of few E-commerce platforms that can truly claim to be a single solution, easing many of the concerns of businesses and giving you both an easy to use back-end interface and the ability to grow your store when you need to.

We design Shopify stores that increase sales.

We design and develop Shopify stores that increase sales.  One of our client site launches in 2020 has seen their sales revenue more than double, visitor numbers reach record levels and all of this happened throughout the COVID-19 pandemic when the UK went into lockdown just 6 weeks after their site launched.

Perfect for any size of business

The tools for start-ups and the power for large companies

Shopify offers everything a new online venture requires but is scalable and fit for businesses with multi-million revenues and large product ranges with complex configuration options.

We’ve developed E-commerce websites on Shopify for companies making their first launch online as well as organisations that have been seeking a powerful platform on which to expand their operations, their visibility and give them the capability to grow even more.

Scalable monthly fixed cost E-commerce solution

Shopify charge you, directly, a fixed monthly cost depending on the plan you choose and then variable costs that reflect the transactions they’ve processed and the commission they take from your sales.  There are also “Apps” that you can add to Shopify, each with a monthly cost, that allow you to increase functionality, give advanced reporting tools, offer visitors new features and enhance the marketing tools at your disposal.  There are almost 4,500 different “Apps” available that cover almost every possible requirement you could ever think of.

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Power, Security & Ease of Use

They've thought of everything and then added even more

The sheer power of Shopify is remarkable.  However, power comes in different forms and one way in which Shopify have managed to beat every other platform we’ve ever seen is in the way they’ve made the user interface so easy to use.  Any developer will tell you that giving a business powerful functions but making them simple to use is a major feat.

Secure, resilient and fast, very fast.

All E-commerce sites need to be secure.  You have a legal requirement to ensure this and Shopify remove a potentially substantial amount of work.  All Shopify stores have the advantage of being Level 1 PCI-DSS compliant – the highest level of security compliance.

You don’t have to think about where your website is hosted either because your site is held on the Shopify network of servers that are continually tested for downtime and speed.  Visitors to your site need a smooth and fast experience and Shopify provide a fast and reliable shopping journey.  

High Street Functionality

Shopify POS offers complete integration to retailers

If you want to take physical transactions in stores, Shopify gives you the ability to build a completed integrated E-Commerce to Store solution through their POS (Point of Sale) system.  It allows you to process transactions in stores on mobile devices with real-time communication and stock synchronisation with the website and financial reporting tools.

Low cost pricing for physical store use of POS

If you choose the Shopify Pro Plan for your website, you’ll be charged $89 per month (approximately £66) for each store you want to deploy the POS system to.  You’ll struggle to find any comparable POS solution that offers the power Shopify do for such a low monthly cost.  Even if you don’t have physical outlets, if you ever use Pop-Up Stalls or attend Christmas Markets, the POS app will immediately let you take mobile payments and, because you receive Shopify POS with the Pro Plan, you won’t have to pay any more than the single monthly fee!

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