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WooCommerce is an E-commerce platform that integrates with WordPress (WordPress actually own it now).  This means you benefit from the customisation power of WordPress and the ability to control almost every tiny detail of how a store looks with the very impressive set of features that WooCommerce brings to it. 

Vast range of "Plug-ins" to expand functionality

 There are countless plug-ins (“Apps” on other platforms) that add features to WooCommerce.  There are over 300 official plug-ins from WooCommerce themselves but well over 3,000 plug-ins from other developers and probably closer to 10,000 in total.

If you’ve got a niche feature you want on your E-commerce site, the chances are that there is a plug-in we can find and integrate with your website to give you the tool you want.

WooCommerce Extensions

The ability to power any kind of E-commerce store

In addition to “plug-ins” that can add to the power and features of your WooCommerce store, one of the big advantages of the platform is the “Extensions” that WooCommerce offer to allow you to sell almost anything.

For example, instead of traditional product sales, WooCommerce has both Subscription and Membership Extensions, so people can pay subscriptions on a monthly basis and be assigned membership levels.  In an age where subscription sales have been rising, it is a fabulous feature that currently carries an annual cost of around £150 for each extension

However, you can also offer digital downloads as products with WooCommerce, giving you the ability to deliver a product to the customer instantly, such as video media, games or other types of software/apps.

Facebook, Etsy, Mailchimp, Google Shopping and more

Extensions from WooCommerce support all of the above in addition to allowing you to extended your marketplace to Amazon and eBay sales channels.  

WooCommerce payment processing can be handled by Stripe, Paypal, AmazonPay, WorldPay, GoCardless, Sage Payments and many others, ensuring you can provide every payment opportunity your customers are ever likely to require.


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Free App, Reporting & Integration

Fully feature-rich E-commerce tools as standard

WooCommerce pack a lot in to the standard range of features, with full site activity reporting and a mobile app for iOS and Android devices.  The dashboard on which you administer your site also allows you to market your products with discount coupons and a WooCommerce “Extension” for Points & Rewards loyalty schemes.

Integration options with WooCommerce

If you need to integrate your WooCommerce store with an accounting system, you’ll find options to do so with Xero, Sage 50, Sage 100, Kashflow, QuickBooks and even larger systems such as Microsoft Dynamics NAV.

It’ll also allow integration with Salesforce and ERP systems with what are known as “Bridge Connectors”.  The key is that WooCommerce gives you an E-commerce platform that can grow with your business as well as the tools to start that growth.

Design and Customisation

Whatever your vision of your website, we bring it to life

Our creativity and design skills allow you to realise the vision you have in your mind and see it brought to life.  WooCommerce’s reliance on the phenomenal flexibility of WordPress means we can give you the look, feel, functionality and E-commerce experience you’ve dreamt of.

If you’ve seen a “Theme” for a WordPress site, we can take that theme and customisation it to your requirements, from product intensive homepages to visually stunning and full-screen video homepages, there’s nothing we can’t achieve in respect of what your site looks like.

Giving your visitors the shopping experience they want

The experience in design that we bring to your E-commerce project means that we can ensure visitors get the shopping experience that encourages conversion and increased sales.

Our WooCommerce expertise gives you the skills you need to ensure your products are presented and configured in a way that does much more than display them.  We know how customers behave online and we can customise your WooCommerce site to take advantage of this.  WooCommerce and WordPress also give you a platform on which our SEO plans can give you increased visibility as time progresses, powering your sales to new heights.


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Alternatives to WooCommerce?

If WooCommerce isn’t for you, take a look at the other E-commerce solutions we can develop on.

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